Sabrina Hebeler

Chief of Staff

Michigan State University

Sabrina Hebeler focuses on listening, connecting and translating information to IPF employees. This enables employees to communicate their thoughts, connect to MSU and IPF’s purpose. She also manages the strategy cycle, or strategic direction of IPF.  

Hebeler’s motivation comes from the unique set of skills, talents and knowledge found at IPF – and the dedication to manage day-to-day issues, respond to urgent situations and make informed decisions.

One of the key tenets of her role as Chief of Staff is to help everyone understand and follow the strategic direction of IPF. This comes from her passion of helping people feel successful, feel valued and to love their job. Her previous experiences with IPF as a member of the Strategic Initiatives team have informed her understanding of the IPF structure, and she hopes to pass that knowledge on through her position as Chief of Staff.    

Sabrina earned her MBA in Business Administration and Management from Northwood University in 2015, as well as her Bachelor’s in Health Administration, Legal Studies, and Leadership from Central Michigan University.