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The Higher Ed Facilities Forum (HEFF) is a community for senior facilities leaders at the nation’s top colleges and universities.


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HEFF combines a balance of thought-provoking presentations and peer-to-peer discussion groups on the most relevant issues and challenges for facilities leaders at the nation’s leading colleges and universities.


The days of strolling a trade show floor are over! HEFF brings the industry’s leading suppliers together in a laid-back setting where attendees can schedule meetings with only the ones that match their interests and needs.


We understand that the ability to network is a key reason people attend conferences. Thus, we carefully select the social activities that take place at our gatherings. 

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  • The Road to Reopening Campus

    On July 9, the Higher Ed Facilities Forum will host "HEFFv: The Road to Reopening," a virtual event for college and university facilities leaders on adapting to the new normal. In anticipation of this event, we reached out to dozens of facilities leaders in our network to get a better…

    The Risk of Putting off Investment into Facilities Leadership

    I was on a plane the other day listening to the familiar words of the flight attendant, reminding us all that “in the event of a decompression, an oxygen mask will automatically appear in front of you.” And a few sentences later, “If you are traveling with a child or…

    Patrick Burke 19 hero

    Transitioning from Design and Construction to Facilities Operations

    When it comes to transitioning capital projects from design and construction to facilities operations, a number of challenges can contribute to a shaky handoff.  The key to a smooth transition? According to Patrick Burke, AVP of Capital Project Management at the Columbia University Medical Center, it’s essential to integrate the…

"This is the only national conference that I attend. You pick great locations, but that is not why I come. The content and delivery would get me to go to any site."

Assistant Vice President of Operations 

July 9, 2020

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HEFF is an invite-only community. Invited participants are senior facilities management, capital project and physical plant administrators from the nation’s leading colleges and universities.