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The Higher Ed Facilities Forum (HEFF) is a community for facilities leaders at the nation’s top colleges and universities.

Our Experiences

We produce the following experiences to provide the facilities community with year-round access to cutting-edge content and networking:

MasterMind series

Carefully Curated Virtual Roundtables for Candid Sharing of Ideas & Best Practices.

Higher Ed Facilities Forum

Our Signature In-Person Event.
Nov 7-9, 2021 – Palm Beach, FL 


A Virtual Event for Higher Ed Facilities Leaders: Adapting to the New Normal 


The HEFF Blog

  • Evaluating Facilities Outsourcing Options

    “With everything going on in the world today, one of the big topics of discussion for facilities leaders right now is evaluating outsourcing,” said Brian Reyes, SVP of Higher Education for C&W Services, as he kicked off an informative session on outsourcing at HEFFv 2.0.  “What are the options? What…

    The State of Higher Ed Facilities: Where Things Stand Right Now

    At HEFFv 2.0, we brought together a lively panel of senior facilities leaders to kick off the event in a state-of-the-industry-style discussion. This conversation, moderated by Pete Zuraw, VP of Market Strategy & Development at Gordian, focused on the question burning in everyone's brains: "Where do we go from here?"…

    Flexibility and Empathy are What Facilities Leaders Need as Campus Reopens

    On July 9, the Higher Ed Facilities Forum held its first-ever virtual meeting for facilities leaders across the country, HEFFv. As campuses prepare for the fall, outlining plans for reopening while constantly reacting to the ever-changing reality of life during COVID, facilities leaders need to collaborate and share their best…

What HEFF Live looks like

Currently on-hiatus…but will be back better + stronger in 2021! 💪

“This is the only national conference that I attend. You pick great locations, but that is not why I come. The content and delivery would get me to go to any site.”

–Assistant Vice President of Operations, UChicago

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HEFF is a collaborative community for senior real estate and facilities leaders from the nation’s top colleges and universities.